My Two Days Of 'More' : Tell Me More Guest blogger Jeffrey Lonoff pays a visit to Tell Me More and tells you more about it.
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My Two Days Of 'More'

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This is my first time blogging, so please be kind.

Through the kindness of a friend and the graciousness of Michel Martin and the people at Tell Me More, I've spent the last two days observing — and now I'm blogging about my experiences at — Tell Me More.

A little bio: my career's been in advertising. I'm a copywriter, and when I started in the business, I used to give hand-written copy to a secretary to type on her electric typewriter. I don't recognize the ad business any more - or myself in it. My favorite medium had always been radio; not as glamorous as television, radio was sort of the unhappy stepchild of the industry. But I liked doing it most and got good at it. Perhaps my next career move should be to that medium itself - public radio, in fact, since I've been a huge fan.

... Which brought me, literally, to Tell Me More.

It's always difficult walking into any already-formed group so the first couple of hours I spent here while the staff was getting ready to produce the day's show was intimidating. I was so curious about what everybody was doing but I knew that immediately preceding a show wasn't a good time to ask a lot of questions (I've been told I ask too many questions). Getting an hour-long show on the air every day involves a lot more hard work done by a lot of people working in tandem than you imagine. These guys move fast and think fast — they're whip-smart, interested and interesting people who seem to genuinely like each other and love what they do.

It's a little awe inspiring and kind of thrilling when Michel finally signs off at show's end — wow, it all came together. And everybody should get the chance to see Michel going out live on the radio, nimbly changing topics and guiding her guests through interviews. She makes it look easy; after two days with her, I can tell you that it's anything but.

So thank you, Michel, and all the others you've heard credited at the end of a Tell Me More broadcast. I'm not sure where the road is going to take me but I couldn't have asked for a more exhilarating stop than Tell Me More.

Jeffrey Lonoff is a freelance writer who lives in Philadelphia.