Capturing A New Beginning, Difficult Memories : Tell Me More Photographer Shawn Escoffery documents life along the Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
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Capturing A New Beginning, Difficult Memories

Photographer Shawn Escoffery joins us today for our continuing coverage of the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

A city planner by trade, Escoffery says he felt helpless after the devastating storm. So he picked up his camera, the only way he knew to help the region rebuild.

We also heard from Mary and Morris Martin, former New Orleans residents who moved to Jackson, Mississippi, after the storm.

Guest host Allison Keyes has been following the Martins since they first arrived in Mississippi.  Earlier this month, she and producer Amy Walters traveled to New Orleans to visit their old neighborhood in the Lower Ninth Ward.

After the storm, Mr. Martin's daughter lived in their abandoned home.  She marked the doorway with the family name. Allison Ketes hide caption

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Allison Ketes

The Martins looked at the photos yesterday, before the interview.  This was the first time they had seen their home since they fled nearly five years ago.

Morris Martin inherited his home in the Lower Ninth Ward from his parents.  Days before the storm, the Martins say they had just finished a $200 thousand renovation.  Amy Walters hide caption

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Amy Walters