We’re Detroit Bound : Tell Me More Host Michel Martin and the staff of Tell Me More are taking the show on the road.
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We’re Detroit Bound

Tell Me More producers Portia Robertson Migas, Brakkton Booker and I are headed out of Dodge. And, yes, we voted first. (In D.C. it doesn’t take long with our sad little short ballot with, like three things on it. Sigh)

I normally don’t advertise my whereabouts. (Why would I. I never go anywhere?) But today we are headed to Detroit, where we are looking forward to moderating an event tonight with fashionista Robin Givhan and then tomorrow tackling the news of today from Detroit NPR member station WDET.

Check it out.

We want to come see you, too, wherever you are (especially if you are in Hawaii). So invite us! We’ll be in Detroit tomorrow and back in D.C. for Thursday’s program.