A Friday Of Politics With Spice : Tell Me More Tell Me More's Lee Hill offers a preview of Friday's program. On the agenda: political infighting, listener reactions to the film For Colored Girls and former president George W. Bush's new memoir.
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A Friday Of Politics With Spice

Typical Fridays on Tell Me More come with the spice of politics, listener feedback and musings from our Barbershop roundtable. Here's what we're brewing:

Political Infighting

Earlier this week, GOP leader Michael Steele made a splash when talking to host Michel Martin about his future as chairman of the Republican National Committee. When asked about whether he thinks fellow leaders within the party (such as Mississippi Governor and Republican Governor Association Chairman Haley Barbour) give him enough credit for the GOP's recent mid-term election victories, he had this to say:

Well, I think that's about the fact that they don't want me in this job, to put it rather bluntly. That has been a concerted effort since I got the job. But I pay no never mind to that. My mission, as charged to me by the 168 individuals who voted for me, is to go out and win elections and raise money. I have won more elections than any chairman since 1938.

And the infighting doesn't all lean to the right. Current House Majority Whip James Clyburn, of South Carolina and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, of Maryland, will duke it out for the position of Minority Whip for the next session of Congress, given that Democrats recently lost their hold of the lower chamber. According to the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to put an end to the Clyburn-Hoyer competition.

Have Your Say

The new Tyler Perry film For Colored Girls has generated quite a chorus of critics and supporters since it hit theaters on Friday. I wrote an exploratory opinion piece about messages in the film last week, and Michel followed, asking readers (and listeners) to tell us what you thought about the movie and it's themes — whether you would go see it, or abstain.

On this week's BackTalk, we hear what you have to say.

Ready For A Shape Up?

The Barbershop guys will take their seats for another weekly roundtable. This week, we'll talk about the new presidential memoir Decision Points by George W. Bush. There's been lots of buzz surrounding his "disgust" with rapper Kanye West's infamous comments during a live TV special in 2005, criticizing the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. But our guys wonder whether Bush takes enough responsibility for any of his own missteps while serving as this nation's commander-in-chief.

We'll meet you back here tomorrow.