Kanye West Premieres Video For "Power" : The Record A new video puts West's knack for coupling self-awareness with self-aggrandizement on display.
NPR logo Kanye West Premieres Video For "Power"

Kanye West Premieres Video For "Power"

Kanye West - 'Power'

If catching the latest installment of Jersey Shore wasn't on your to-do list last night, you likely missed the premiere of Kanye's new music video/"moving painting" for "Power".

Whatever it is, it sets the mega star in a neo-classical frame; director Marco Brambilla was reportedly inspired by Michelangelo's frescoes in the Sistine Chapel. The 103-second clip suggests that Kanye's larger than life persona may have reached critical mass, yet simultaneously fans the flames with its over the top iconic imagery. Perhaps more self-aware than he is given credit for, once again, Kanye puts himself in the center of the frame, commanding attention rather than acceptance.