Google Scribe Makes Lyrics Ridiculous : The Record Using a new service from Google, familiar song lyrics take unexpected turns.

Google Scribe Makes Lyrics Ridiculous

Over at the Wait Wait... blog, our good friend Ian Chillag wrote a post yesterday about Scribe, a new tool from Google that offers suggestions to help writers complete sentences, word by word. It's like Mad Libs where the computer writes every word.

As Ian noted, some of the choices Scribe makes are a little odd. He took the opening words of a few famous political quotations and let the "Google Robots" play speechwriter. Here's one of his results:

  • "Give me liberty or give me anything what would it be too much for them to become more involved in their children?"

So, did we plug some famous song lyrics into Scribe? You bet we did. Let it be said by nobody that The Record lets an opportunity to have computers write our blog posts pass us by.

If you're stumped, the original lyrics I used before I let Scribe take over link to the song on YouTube.

Like Ian says, Scribe's got a bit of a depressive streak, and seems (understandably) to be obsessed with technology and the Internet. But I'd wager that singing some of the lyrics it spit out over Karaoke versions of the original songs would make for a night of fun, or at least a couple of amusing YouTube videos. What do you say, Internet? Can any other lyrics be improved by Scribe?