In Other News: Paglia Vs. Gaga, Baron Cohen As Mercury, More 'Idol' Nonsense : The Record A round-up of the best of last week's music-related stories from around the web.
NPR logo In Other News: Paglia Vs. Gaga, Baron Cohen As Mercury, More 'Idol' Nonsense

In Other News: Paglia Vs. Gaga, Baron Cohen As Mercury, More 'Idol' Nonsense

Lady Gaga vs. Camille Paglia
(left) Jemal Countess, (right) Alyson Myers/Getty Images

-Camille Paglia stirred up the pot of pop-loving fans of feminist theory last week when she published an article in London's Sunday Times Magazine that attacks Lady Gaga for representing "the exhausted end of the sexual revolution" and the singer's fans for "emotional poverty." [Link goes to an excerpt from the essay.]

-In the Los Angeles Times, Ann Powers rebuts Paglia's argument, compares Paglia to Quran-burning -threatening preacher Terry Jones, and looks at how other female musicians — including Katy Perry and Amy Klein of the indie band Titus Andronicus — are addressing issues of femininity and sexuality in music and media.

-More evidence that Swedes run the music industry. The executive music producer for Glee, Adam Anders, explains to New York Magazine's Vulture blog how he manages to arrange and record all of the songs that make it into the show each week, and why musicians who could license their songs for millions take a cut to be featured on the show.

-Fox says the new panel of judges for the 10th season of American Idol will be announced on Wednesday, September 22 and noon Pacific time. Everyone's assuming the trio will include Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler along with mainstay Randy Jackson. If, at this point, Idol's producers announced that the actual panel would comprise Jackson, Camille Paglia and Oscar the Grouch, I'm not sure I could muster much enthusiasm for this process. The show doesn't start for four months, people. Please pace yourselves. [via]

-In a great essay at Pitchfork, Eric Harvey examines the trend of young indie rock bands using found photography as album covers, weighs the sense of nostalgia communicated by those bands against the prevalence of digital photography, and wonders how older artists like the musician Jandek and photographer William Eggleston are being absorbed into the aesthetic of young bands.

-Deadline New York says that Sacha Baron Cohen will play Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury in a biopic scripted by Frost/Nixon and The Queen screenwriter Peter Morgan. A director for the film hasn't been announced, but the producers have managed to purchase the rights to Queen's entire catalog, so moviegoers won't have to sit through Baron Cohen singing Zanzibari folk tunes.

-Kid Rock spent last week in a DeKalb County courthouse as a result of a 2007 incident at an Atlanta-area Waffle House restaurant in which he and members of his entourage beat up Harlan Akins after Akins was speaking with a woman in the group. The jury awarded Akins $40,000 in damages.