In Other News: Who Will, And Won't, Be Appearing On 'Glee' Any Time Soon : The Record Bruce Springsteen in talks to guest on Glee, a music industry veteran jumps back into the game.
NPR logo In Other News: Who Will, And Won't, Be Appearing On 'Glee' Any Time Soon

In Other News: Who Will, And Won't, Be Appearing On 'Glee' Any Time Soon

- We know that much of the power in the live music industry is centered around a few guys who swap shares and job titles every few years. Now a member of the industry's old guard is getting back into the game — in competition with his old company. Fred D. Rosen, who ran Ticketmaster until 1998, was hired yesterday as the CEO of the U.S. branch of ticketing company Outbox Enterprises.

Outbox is a five-year-old Canadian company that — rather than centralizing ticket sales at all venues through a single outlet, the way Ticketmaster does — offers venues the option to sell tickets via their own websites (clients include Cirque du Soleil, the Montreal Canadiens, and the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles). Rosen told Billboard that his new company might look a little like his old one, before its priorities shifted: "Ticketmaster was created in a manner where the buildings were the clients and the company clearly was in a position to protect the building." Now, "it is much more on the side of the acts."

- Now that we know how many records it can sell, it seems like every little tidbit related to Glee is actually news, even when it's just an aging rock star announcing his distaste for the show. In an interview with the Associated Press, Damon Albarn, leader of the sort-of animated group Gorillaz, called Glee "a very poor substitute for the real thing" and said "we wouldn't let that happen," even though — unlike Kings of Leon, who turned the show's request down earlier this summer — no request has been made to use Gorillaz tunes on Glee.

- Bruce Springsteen, on the other hand, seems to have no qualms. Reports surfaced last week that the Boss is in talks to appear in an episode that will feature a number of his hits. Only time will tell if the Boss's acting skills have developed beyond the point where he has to look at the fretboard while delivering his lines. [via The Daily Swarm]

- Lil Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being, which debuted at number two on the Billboard album chart last week as a digital-only release, gets its physical release today. For a week, the CD will also be given away for free to anyone who purchases the DefJam Rapstar video game. [Billboard]

- In case you missed it: Last week, as part of their series in which they ask people from all professions a few questions about money, Planet Money snagged Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch, who revealed his fallback plan if music doesn't work out: open a Belle and Sebastian-themed taqueria in Glasgow. "There's no decent Mexican food in Glasgow," Murdoch told PM. "You're laughing, but I'm about to get serious about this. Because this could be the thing that allows me to carry on doing music — to serve a decent taco."