A Few Things To Do While You Wait To Download The Free New Girl Talk Album : The Record The mash-up king's All Day contains samples from 373 songs, but it'll take a while to download.

A Few Things To Do While You Wait To Download The Free New Girl Talk Album

'All Day' by Girl Talk
Illegal Art

It's been two years since mash-up king Girl Talk (real name: Gregg Gillis) released Feed The Animals, his last album of seizure-inducing overlapping samples. This morning, he dropped the brand new All Day, which reportedly contains snippets from 373 separate songs, via the label Illegal Art (that name is more than a joke -- Gillis doesn't clear the samples he uses in his songs).

All Day, which opens with Ludacris rapping over the guitars from Black Sabbath's "War Pigs," is available as one seamless 71-minute file or in 12 separated tracks, and is free to download. Which means that if you want to get it this morning, you'll have to wait in for the clogged download page at illegal-art.net to clear up. But hey, it's the Internet, right? There's plenty to keep you occupied while you're clicking refresh.

A few suggestions:

Read up on fair use. Whenever a new Girl Talk album comes out, the term "fair use" gets thrown around a bunch to explain how Gillis gets away with not paying for the samples he uses. How about a look at the term's definition on the U.S. Copyright Office's website?

Watch the crowd source those 373 samples in real time. The Wikipedia page for All Day is already up and filling out rapidly. At the time of this writing, 87 songs have already been identified.

Make your own mash-up album. If you're planning to download a Girl Talk album, your taste in music probably runs a range from teen pop to rap to and '90s alt rock. So why not use your collection of mp3s to make your own album? Download a free audio editing program like Audacity, call yourself DJ Speak 'n' Spell and make Rick Ross rap over a Kate Bush instrumental.