How Do You Support The Music You Love? : The Record Given all the options for supporting a band, what's the best, most helpful way to be a fan?
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How Do You Support The Music You Love?

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You're a fan of a band, a singer or a pop star. Such a big fan, in fact, that you want to do all you can to support them, to help them continue making music, or at least to compensate them for the music they've already put out in the world. But given our thin wallets and overstuffed days, what's the best way to do that? How do they get the biggest bang for your buck?

For the next month, in a series we're calling That's What Fans Are For, we'll be looking at the ways the support of fans makes its way to musicians. We'll tell you whether buying an album for $3.99 or shelling out for vinyl from the merch table at a concert pays out a bigger percentage to musicians. We'll tell you if crowdfunding is the best way to avoid middlemen, and if following an artist on Twitter does anything to change their career. And we'll be asking musicians what their fans mean to them. How do they want you to support them?

But first, we'd like to know what you're already doing. How do you get behind a band or musician you really love?

Do you write a band's name on your notebook during homeroom? When a new album comes out, do you buy the most deluxe version available? Do you book them to play at your school, or in your living room? Do you declare your fandom on your Facebook profile, your gchat status or your T-shirts? Do you applaud loudly at shows? Do you start an interview show? And who are the bands you want to help out? What is it about them or their music that inspires you to go the extra mile?

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