Beyonce (And Michelle Obama) Get The Kids Moving : The Record Tuesday afternoon middle schoolers across the country danced together. More or less.

Beyonce (And Michelle Obama) Get The Kids Moving

Beyonce (And Michelle Obama) Get The Kids Moving

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Tuesday afternoon, kids at hundreds of middle schools all over the country were dancing exactly the same dance at exactly the same time. OK, they're middle school kids, so probably they were all doing something similar at more or less the same time. They called it a "flash workout" at the direction of two powerful leaders: Beyonce and the First Lady.

The kids were dancing to Beyonce's song and video "Move Your Body," a reworking of her song "Get Me Bodied," made for Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign.

Michele Ortiz, a P.E. teacher at Alice Deal Middle School in Washington, D.C., dedicated the past two weeks preparing her kids to perform for a crowd that includes the First Lady. Most of her students are actually in pretty good shape. And they were excited about new moves like the cat daddy, the shuffle, and the Dougie. You can hear the students' take on Tuesday's dance in the radio report above.