Movie Fans: Before You 'Go,' See 'Run Pee' : The Two-Way has tips on when to "go" during movies.
NPR logo Movie Fans: Before You 'Go,' See 'Run Pee'

Movie Fans: Before You 'Go,' See 'Run Pee'

From the Department of Silly But Really Interesting News:

Want to know when it's safe to go, so-to-speak, during a long movie? After all, $10 or so is a lot to spend. You don't want to miss a key moment because you're in the bathroom.

That's where comes in.

New York magazine's Vulture blog says it's "a user-generated wiki site that catalogs the best possible moments to excuse yourself during the latest Hollywood blockbusters."

We wish we could tell you exactly what the Run Pee site looks like and how it works, but we keep getting an error message when we try to call it up. Perhaps someone important there is ... away from their desk?

Judging from Run Pee's Twitter page, though, it looks like it started up last July and that it has "PeeTimes" posted for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Terminator Salvation and other new flicks.

Dare we ask? Do you have any preferred "PeeTime" when listening to NPR?

(Tip of the hat to All Things Considered's Art Silverman for bringing RunPee to our attention.)

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