Gov. Sanford Didn't Answer Staff's Calls : The Two-Way Gov. Mark Sanford didn't pick up when his staff made numerous attempts to call him while he was on his secret trip to Argentina.
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Gov. Sanford Didn't Answer Staff's Calls

There's much more news today about how hard South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford tried to keep secret his June trip to Argentina to see a mistress.

Sanford's chief of staff "called the governor's cell phones 15 times during the governor's secret trip to Argentina to visit his lover last month. But the governor never picked up," The State writes.

Also, the State reports:

The governor allowed some economic development initiatives to take a back seat during his secret trip. Sanford was invited to — but turned down — a dinner invitation June 24 with representatives from a company looking to expand its S.C. operation, according to e-mail records. The company's name was redacted. Sanford also declined a June 25 celebration event for a plant expansion by a S.C. business because his schedule was "just absolutely jammed this summer," wrote a staffer in an e-mail.