How Much Might Palin Make? Maybe $20 Million? : The Two-Way Sarah Palin could make $20 million fairly quickly, The Daily Beast estimates.
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How Much Might Palin Make? Maybe $20 Million?

The Daily Beast, which doesn't hide its liberal leanings but like Powerline, Hot Air and some others on the conservative side of the Web also does some interesting reporting, writes this morning that outgoing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin might have "20 million reasons" for deciding to quit her job.

That would be $20 million, the Beast says.

The Beast's Duff McDonald looks at the paydays Palin can expect from a book deal, speaking fees, a TV and/or radio show and perhaps a syndicated column.

"Add it all up," McDonald writes, "and it looks like the next year is going to be a pretty lucrative one for Sarah Palin, Inc. By our estimates, she's going to pull in anywhere from $17 million to $20.75 million in the next 12 months."

Meanwhile, the Anchorage Daily News writes that Palin "said Monday that she did it because ethics complaints and politically ambitious state legislators would have been paralyzing."

And also Monday, Palin told CNN "I am not a quitter. I am a fighter."

The cable network adds that:

She resigned because of the tremendous pressure, time and financial burden of a litany of ethics complaints in the past several months, she said. The complaints were without merit and took away from the job she wanted to do for Alaskans, Palin said.

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