NYPD: 'Fight Club' Kid, 17, Bombed Manhattan Starbucks : The Two-Way The 17-year-old was emulating Brad Pitt's character, police say.
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NYPD: 'Fight Club' Kid, 17, Bombed Manhattan Starbucks

New York police have arrested the person they say masterminded a pre-dawn blast outside a Manhattan Starbucks on Memorial Day. The alleged mastermind is 17-year-old Kyle Shaw, who's accused of arson, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal mischief. Police commission Ray Kelly said Shaw took his inspiration from the movie Fight Club. As AP relates it:

He was trying to emulate the character named Tyler Durden from the 1999 film about a spineless pencil pusher, played by Ed Norton, who takes up with the dangerous yet manly Durden. The two form a secret "fight club," where men beat one another to a pulp in an attempt to feel more alive.

Shaw formed his own fight club in which boys beat one another in various locales around the city including Central Park, Kelly said. At least one member got a broken nose, he said.

In the movie, Pitt's character devises a plot called "Project Mayhem" that supposed to attack the symbols of corporate America. He fails. In the real-world case, the explosion involved fireworks powder and a plastic bottle. It shattered the cafe's windows but caused no injuries.