Reporter: Oops, I Thought Obama Called On Me : The Two-Way Mystery reporter apologizes for taking someone else's question at Obama's news conference.
NPR logo Reporter: Oops, I Thought Obama Called On Me

Reporter: Oops, I Thought Obama Called On Me

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There was an odd moment during last night's news conference at the White House when it was revealed that a reporter had stood up when President Barack Obama called on Steve Koff of The Plain Dealer — but that it wasn't Koff who asked the question.

"Shame on you," Obama said to the mystery newshound when the mix-up was pointed out to him.

So who was that guy?

Turns out it was Steve Thomma of McClatchy Newspapers, who apologizes.

"I have to confess that I'm hard of hearing, and I thought I heard my name," Thomma writes.

And, he adds:

"I was mortified to see that I'd taken the question away from Mr. Koff, who, to his credit, jumped up after me to demand his time.

"All I can do is add my personal anecdote to the national health care debate: if insurance covered the hearing aid I so obviously need, I'd never have appeared to a national TV audience with a label underneath saying I was from Cleveland."