Why Senior Citizens Love The Wii : The Two-Way The gaming industry is struggling through the recession, but one product has found a growing audience.

Why Senior Citizens Love The Wii

The video game industry is down -- game sales fell in May for the third straight month, by $863 million, or 23 percent from the year before. But one particular segment of the industry is growing, in one very particular demographic.

Nintendo Wii has found an audience in retirement homes. Chris Bodenner of the Atlantic writes that Wii makes it easy to take up gaming. For older adults who might be feeling nostalgic for 1970s-era arcades, Wii offers a chance for everyone to gather around the digital campfire and ... bowl. Bodenner writes:

One elder-care company, Erickson Communities, recently coordinated a series of Wii Bowling matches among several of its retirement homes. For seniors whose glory days on the baseball diamond or tennis court are far behind them, even simulated sports can bring back fond memories. And what better way to get to the grandkids to visit than by offering video games? In fact, as game consoles and the Internet increasingly merge, loved ones will be able to play games with one another from across the globe.

Wii is also credited with helping people rehab injuries and prepping surgeons for their work, reports NPR's health blog. And then, says NPR's Monkey See, there's the unrelenting horror of Grey's Anatomy on Wii.

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