Shriver Tributes Pouring In @ : The Two-Way Tributes pour in to for Eunice Kennedy Shriver.
NPR logo Shriver Tributes Pouring In @

Shriver Tributes Pouring In @

"Dear Mrs. Shriver, your vision and action has changed lives of millions of people, not only Special Olympics athletes and their families, but also many more ordinary people like me. Thank you for changing the world to a better place for all people!"


That's just one of many tributes showing up at, which today has been turned into in honor of the organization's founder, who died today.

Shriver, the sister of president John F. Kennedy, was 88.

The Special Olympics website also has a biography of Shriver, and is posting statements from her family and those who knew her.

Update at 11:30 a.m. ET. Here's one of the many photos available from Special Olympics. It's from the 2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Ireland:

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Shriver, center, with some she inspired

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