Listen Now: Supreme Court Hears Campaign Finance Case : The Two-Way Supreme Court debates campaign finance law in discussing Hillary: The Movie.

Listen Now: Supreme Court Hears Campaign Finance Case

The audio of today's Supreme Court hearing on a case that could rip apart the nation's campaign finance laws is now online.

Click here to listen as the justices discuss Hillary: The Movie and whether the conservative group Citizens United could buy air time to broadcast the film during the 2008 presidential primaries.

Newly sworn in Justice Sonia Sotomayor wasted no time getting into the discussion, as you'll hear.

The Associated Press starts its story on the discussion this way:

The Supreme Court wrestled on Wednesday with whether to allow corporations and labor unions to pay for political campaigns and end a century of legislative efforts to curb such spending.

In a case that began with a movie attacking Hillary Rodham Clinton, newly seated Justice Sonia Sotomayor jumped right into the questioning. She appeared skeptical about taking the far-reaching step of lifting the ban, a move urged on the court by a lawyer for a group that made the 90-minute movie that sought to undermine Clinton's presidential ambitions.