Norman Borlaug: He 'Fed The World' : The Two-Way Norman Borlaug, who fed the world and saved millions -- or billions -- of lives with his breakthroughs in agriculture, has died.
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Norman Borlaug: He 'Fed The World'

It's hard to think of headlines and obituaries that could have more astounding lines than these:

-- "The Nobel winner who fed the world." The Guardian.

-- "Father of green revolution saved millions of lives." The Financial Times.

-- "Credited with saving 1 billion lives from famine." The Dallas Morning News.

Those lines are about scientist Norman Borlaug, who died Saturday night in Dallas. He was 95 and had been battling cancer. It was Borlaug's work in creating high-yield crop varieties and improving agriculture in the Third World that brought him accolades.

On Weekend Edition Sunday, independent radio producer Dan Charles filed this report: