Whoosh! Sarah The Cheetah Sets New Land Record : The Two-Way Sarah, a cheetah, sets new land speed record for mammals.

Whoosh! Sarah The Cheetah Sets New Land Record

So, you think Usain Bolt is fast?

He wouldn't be able to catch Sarah, a cheetah from the Cincinnati Zoo. Yesterday, she set a world speed record for land mammals -- 100 meters in 6.13 seconds:

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The world speed record attempts are meant to draw attention to the plight of cheetahs. The International Union for Conservation of Nature lists the species as threatened, the risk level just below endangered. The worldwide cheetah population is estimated at fewer than 10,000.

Cheetahs are the world's fastest land mammals, capable of reaching speeds up to 70 mph over short distances. In its natural habitat, the African savanna, it uses that speed to chase down prey.

In comparison, humans are a rather plodding species, at least when it comes to sprints. Jamaica's Usain Bolt holds the 100-meter record with a time of 9.58 seconds, which he set last month at the world championships.