After Data Outages, T-Mobile Stops 'Sidekick' Sales : The Two-Way T-Mobile follows data losses with suspension of Sidekick sales.
NPR logo After Data Outages, T-Mobile Stops 'Sidekick' Sales

After Data Outages, T-Mobile Stops 'Sidekick' Sales

The news that owners of T-Mobile's Sidekick phones may have lost the personal data they stored on the devices has been followed by the company's suspension of Sidekick sales. At T-Mobile's website, Sidekicks are said to be "temporarily out of stock."

As the AP writes:

The phones are made by a Microsoft Corp. subsidiary and sold by T-Mobile USA, which say many Sidekick owners' information is "almost certainly" gone after a failure of servers operated by Microsoft wiped the data out. The companies said they hoped to update customers on recovery efforts Monday.

The phones have been troubled by data outages for more than a week. Some users attempted to restart their phones by removing the battery, which erases data on the device. Normally, the data is then restored from servers, but with the server data gone, the device is left empty.

Because of that, customers are being advised not to let the battery completely run down either.