Alaska's 'Yukon Don' Won't Face Charges For Killing Four Bears : The Two-Way Alaska's 'Yukon Don' won't face charges for killing four bears.

Alaska's 'Yukon Don' Won't Face Charges For Killing Four Bears

"Charges Against Man Who Shot Four Bears Dismissed."

That's quite a headline. Makes you want to read on (though those who object to hunting may disagree, of course).

The story, which is getting prominent play on the website of the Anchorage Daily News is this:

A judge has dismissed charges filed against "Yukon Don" Tanner of Talkeetna, Alaska, who last July killed a "family of marauding grizzlies" outside his cabin.

Tanner, 59, told authorities he was awoken one morning around 4 a.m. by sounds outside -- only to see the 350-pound sow. He shot her (a legal kill, the Daily News says).

Then, in a line you won't read in many other newspapers (and again, you may not want to read now), "he went back to bed, figuring he'd skin it in the morning."

Soon after, there were more noises -- and two young bears on his porch, one of them trying to get through the door and the other at a window. Tanner says he shot them in self-defense. The third young bear turned up the next day. Tanner later told police: "I thought, hell, that cub ain't gonna leave and it's just going to be trouble, so I shot it."

As it turns out, technically the younger bears weren't cubs because they appear to have been more than two years old.

Tanner was initially charged with wildlife violations for two of the killings -- the bear at the window and the one that came around the next day. Authorities weren't convinced they were threats. But after Yukon Don mounted a legal defense, the assistant district attorney agreed to a dismissal.