Coming Tuesday: 'A Referendum On The President' : The Two-Way Tuesday's votes are a "referendum on the president."
NPR logo Coming Tuesday: 'A Referendum On The President'

Coming Tuesday: 'A Referendum On The President'

Even if there isn't any voting going on tomorrow in your town, city or state, NPR's Ken Rudin and Mara Liasson explained on Morning Edition why you might want to care:

The results are going to be viewed as a referendum on how President Barack Obama is doing:

As they say, the wildest race seems to be in New York's 23rd Congressional District, where the Republican nominee has dropped out and endorsed the Democrat — not the Conservative Party candidate who has attracted support from 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and other high-profile figures.

As Politico explains, Democrats worked hard to win former GOP candidate Dede Scozzafava's support.

Also Tuesday; voters elect governors in New Jersey and Virginia; mayoral slots are on the ballots in New York City, Atlanta and several other major cities; and voters in Maine will decide whether to permit same-sex marriage.

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