It's A 'DWI Chair', Not A La-Z-Boy : The Two-Way It's a "DWI Chair," not a La-Z-Boy.
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It's A 'DWI Chair', Not A La-Z-Boy

It turns out that the so-called DWI Recliner we've been telling you about the last couple weeks is not — repeat is not — a La-Z-Boy.

The Duluth News Tribune reports that the Proctor, Minn., Police Department was told by eBay that the infamous chariot — in which a man was arrested for driving while drunk — is not a motorized, soup-up La-Z-Boy. The furniture maker confirmed that news. According to the Tribune, Proctor Police Chief Walter Wobig "said the chair was custom-built and there are no markings or any manufacturer's name on it."

So, it has been re-listed on eBay as a "DWI Chair."

This could present a bit of a problem for the authorities. When it was being called a La-Z-Boy, the bidding topped $43,000. As of now, the high bid on "DWI Chair" is $5,200. The auction ends Thursday around 8 p.m. ET.

Proceeds will be split between the state of Minnesota, the local victims' advocacy fund, the prosecuting attorney's office and the Proctor police.