Spandex? Some Cyclists Prefer Tweed : The Two-Way "Tweed rides" combine fashion and cycling.
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Spandex? Some Cyclists Prefer Tweed

NPR's Shereen Meraji and Heather Murphy were there Sunday when dozens of pretty hip cyclists in Washington eschewed their Spandex in favor of good old fashioned tweed.

As Shereen is reporting on All Things Considered later today, the "tweed ride" is a trend that's catching on in Europe and the U.S. The idea: Sometimes it's cooler (fashion-wise) to dress up like a dandy or a quaintrelle than to be outfitted in more modern gear. Shereen says "it's part fashion show, part celebration of the bicycle."

Heather put together this photo gallery for us (NPR's The Picture Show, by the way, has many more such fine photo displays):

A quick spin (sorry!) around the Web turns up stories about other tweed rides in Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Philadelphia , London, San Francisco and Chicago.

Good show!

Update at 5:40 p.m. ET: "Tweed ride" lovers have their own blogs -- including Dandies and Quaintrelles.

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