Blizzard Brett Leaves Upper Midwest : The Two-Way Blizzard Brett leaves people without power and annoyed at the Minnesota Vikings.
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Blizzard Brett Leaves Upper Midwest

Here's video (speeded up) of the huge winter storm that lumbered through the upper Midwest over the past few days. Thousands of customers lost power and authorities closed schools and interstate highways. It was so bad that the Grand Forks Herald newspaper of North Dakota dubbed it "Blizzard Brett", a custom linked to the World Meteorological Organization which names powerful hurricanes and cyclones. The Herald christened this storm in honor of Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre. Herald City Editor Kirsten Stromsodt says the paper names a storm after the National Weather Service issues an official warning; and the editorial staff usually alternates male and female names. They began this season on December 23rd with Blizzard Alvin, in honor of Alvin and the Chipmunks. But they broke their own rule for the next storm, because it's Minnesota Vikings country there and everybody knows winter weather has serious cred. "And yet again", Stromsodt sighed, "we were disappointed." She added, with renowned Midwestern civility, "we let Brett down. It was too much pressure."

Kirsten, BRETT threw the interception, not you. It's okay to be annoyed.