'Doctors Without Borders' Facilities In Haiti Devastated By Quake : The Two-Way Doctors Without Borders says its three facilities in Haiti were rendered unusable by Tuesday's earthquake.
NPR logo 'Doctors Without Borders' Facilities In Haiti Devastated By Quake

'Doctors Without Borders' Facilities In Haiti Devastated By Quake

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Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders reports that all three of the medical facilities it operates in Haiti are out of commission after yesterday's earthquake, Scott Hensley of NPR's Shots health blog reports.

Scott says that in conference call with reporters this morning, Paul McPhun, part of the emergency management team for Doctors Without Borders in Port-au-Prince, said one of the aid group's facilities collapsed and the other two were so badly damaged by Tuesday's earthquake that they had to be abandoned. For now, Scott writes, the group is providing care from tents. He adds that:

"Everywhere we go there's a massive demand from people to help with trapped family members and severe injuries," McPhun said. The group is seeing many people with traumatic injuries, crush wounds and head injuries. But without functioning hospitals, it's not possible to provide the surgical care that people need, he said. "The best we can offer now is first aid care and stabilization."

Doctors Without Borders is among the groups we listed earlier in our post about how to help the victims in Haiti.