From Haiti: Heart-Breaking Photos : The Two-Way Heart-breaking photos from Haiti in wake of Tuesday's earthquake.
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From Haiti: Heart-Breaking Photos

Some of the most gripping, and most heart-breaking, pictures so far from Haiti in the aftermath of yesterday's devastating earthquake are coming from photographer Daniel Morel.

Many of his shots have been distributed by AFP/Getty Images.

If you'd like to see more, go to his Twitpic page. Be aware, they are truly sad and do include at least one dead body.

So far, his photos were all taken yesterday. I expect we'll see more today as he has a chance to get out and see more of the devastation in the light of a new day.

Our coverage of the disaster began here yesterday, and will continue throughout today.'s coverage begins here.

As we noted earlier, has produced a gallery of images taken by several photographerse. They're here.

Update at 1:40 p.m., April 13: The photo that was with this post originally has been removed. Morel has raised questions about whether his photos could be used by other outlets.