Haiti: Some Ways To Help : The Two-Way Some ways to help the people of Haiti following the island's devastating earthquake.

Haiti: Some Ways To Help

Many of us are looking for ways to help the people of Haiti, even from far away. Here are some resources:

-- The State Department's DipNote blog writes that "for those interesting in helping immediately, simply text 'HAITI' to '90999' and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill. Or you can go online to organizations like the Red Cross and Mercy Corps Mercy Corps to make a contribution to the disaster relief efforts."

-- The American Red Cross has posted more information about its efforts and how to donate here.

-- Mercy Corps' online donations page is here.

-- It's Just Light, a blog by photographer Nick Zantop, has collected a long list of aid organizations and how to donate money to them here.

-- CBSNews.com has its list of aid groups here.

-- Musician Wyclef Jean, who's from Haiti, says if you text "Yele" to 501501, you'll automatically be donating $5 to the Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund. The charge will show up on your phone bill. You can find out more about Yele here.

Our coverage of the disaster began here yesterday, and will continue throughout today. NPR.org's coverage begins here.

Morning Edition had extensive coverage of the story, including this report with eyewitness accounts:

Haiti: Some Ways To Help

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Update at 2:45 p.m. ET: And for another list of aid groups working in Haiti, there's this one from InterAction, a "coalition of U.S.-based international nongovernmental organizations."

Update at 1:55 p.m. ET: And as another commenter points out, another international aid group that's working in Haiti is Oxfam.

Also, the International Rescue Committee is sending its emergency response team to Haiti. And the Salvation Army is mobilizing, as is the American Jewish World Service. The World Food Program is active too.

(It's worth noting again that NPR and The Two-Way are not endorsing any single aid group. We're passing on information about large, international organizations that are lending assistance. It's always a good idea to check such groups out yourself -- CharityNavigator.org and NetworkForGood.org have tools to help do that. I see, by the way, that folks are using the comments thread of this post to suggest their favorite charities. There may be some in that thread you might want to consider.)

Update at 1:15 p.m. ET: As commenter Melanie M notes below, CARE is also active in Haiti.

Update at 8:40 a.m. ET. Another suggestion, from NPR's Scott Hensley (who blogs at Shots):

-- Partners In Health.

Here's a 2003 NPR report about that group's founder, Dr. Paul Farmer.

Update at 8:25 a.m. ET. NPR social media strategist Andy Carvin adds this:

A number of people have asked NPR about how they can make donations to charities involved in earthquake relief efforts. International charities are just beginning to ramp up their efforts in Haiti. If you're looking to give money to help these relief activities, we've compiled a list of some of the larger, established international aid organizations responding to the disaster:


NPR is not endorsing or vouching for any of these groups. The list is just a starting point for you and your own research. There are a number of online tools available for evaluating charities and making donations to a broader range of NGOs, including CharityNavigator.org and NetworkForGood.org.