Eyes On Court & Campaign Finance Case; Obama Plans Bank Restrictions : The Two-Way Supreme Court may issue long-awaited ruling on campaign finance today.
NPR logo Eyes On Court & Campaign Finance Case; Obama Plans Bank Restrictions

Eyes On Court & Campaign Finance Case; Obama Plans Bank Restrictions

Good morning.

A lot's been happening already today, as we've reported. John Edwards, who thought he might be a Democratic presidential nominee and used to project a clean-cut, family-man image, has admitted fathering a baby with a woman who was making a video about his campaign.

Conan O'Brien has reached a deal to leave NBC's Tonight Show after just seven months, paving the way for Jay Leno to return.

And the most important story -- getting help to the people of Haiti nine days after an earthquake leveled much of Port-au-Prince and other communities -- continues to develop. The U.S. military is rapidly ramping up the delivery of food and other essentials, American medical teams are treating an increasing number of survivors and search-and-rescue teams continue to sift through the rubble.

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As for other headlines, they include:

-- SCOTUSBlog -- Campaign Finance Ruling Today?: "The Supreme Court will hold a special public session on Thursday at 10 a.m. (ET). ... Although no purpose for the sitting was specified, no arguments are scheduled, so it almost certainly will be to release opinions -- perhaps the long-awaited ruling on campaign finance regulation. Such sessions are highly unusual, but so is the campaign finance case, involving a major constitutional controversy. If the Court is planning to issue the ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (08-205) on Thursday, rather than waiting, say, until Monday, one possible reason is that one of the Justices who will be discussing an opinion from the bench plans to be absent on Monday."

-- The Associated Press -- "Obama Seeks Bigger Banking Restrictions": "President Barack Obama, eager to harness and redirect voter anger over bank bailouts, is ramping up his war on Wall Street. Building on his own proposals and the work of the House, the president wants new federal government powers to limit the size and complexity of large financial institutions and to limit their ability to engage in high-risk trades. Obama will make the announcement Thursday, a senior administration official said."

-- Politico -- "Dems Fret: 'Every State Is In Play' ": "The Republican victory in Massachusetts has sent a wave of fear through the halls of the Senate, with moderate and liberal Democrats second-guessing their party's agenda -- and worrying that they'll be the next victims of voters' anger."

-- Los Angeles Times -- "L.A.'s Latest Storm Brings Heavy Flooding": "The third day of an intense series of winter storms brought widespread flooding, huge waves and more evacuations throughout Southern California, with another powerful front expected to hit this morning."

-- The Washington Post -- Friends Say Something Changed Suspect In Murders Of Eight: "Christopher Bryan Speight described himself in court papers as a dependable, hardworking person who was not quick to anger, and he showed pride in his ability to 'find ways to get out of problems without using force or violence.' ... But something happened in recent years that changed Speight, friends say." He's accused of murdering eight people on Tuesday, near Appomattox, Va.

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