Admiral Ackbar: Could he be the new Ole Miss mascot? : The Two-Way Should Star Wars' Admiral Ackbar be the Ole Miss mascot?

Admiral Ackbar: Could he be the new Ole Miss mascot?

Let me say up front that I'm biased on this story.

My now 24-year-old son Matt was a huge Star Wars fan as a kid, and one character he particularly loved was Admiral Ackbar -- the Mon Calamari rebel commander who famously shouts "It's a trap!" in Return of the Jedi.

Here's sound of the admiral in his moment of glory:

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Matt's Admiral Ackbar action character was like a member of our family for several years back in the early '90s.

So hearing that some students at the University of Mississippi inadvertently started a movement to make Ackbar the school's mascot is bringing back fond memories for me -- and I, for one, like the idea.

As Morning Edition's Renee Montagne said this morning, Ackbar may be "pretty far out," but he is, after all, a rebel commander and that makes sense at Ole Miss:

Star Wars director George Lucas' Lucasfilm studios, by the way, has weighed in to say it's flattered by the possibility of Ackbar being the mascot -- though "it will be difficult for him to show up for the games!"

OK, so maybe it's just some college kids having some fun. But what about it?