'Fortune' Puts Apple At Top Of 'Most Admired Companies' For Third Year : The Two-Way Apple again tops Fortune's "most admired" list.
NPR logo 'Fortune' Puts Apple At Top Of 'Most Admired Companies' For Third Year

'Fortune' Puts Apple At Top Of 'Most Admired Companies' For Third Year

Apple Inc. tops Fortune's "world's most admired companies" list again this year, the magazine reports today. It's the third year in a row that the maker of Macs, iPhones and iPods has been No. 1.

"What makes Apple so admired?" Fortune asks. "Product, product, product. This is the company that changed the way we do everything from buy music to design products to engage with the world around us. Its track record for innovation and fierce consumer loyalty translates into tremendous respect across business' highest ranks."

Rounding out the top 10:

-- No. 2: Google.
-- No. 3: Berkshire Hathaway.
-- No. 4: Johnson & Johnson.

-- No. 5: Amazon.com.
-- No. 6: Procter & Gamble.
-- No. 7: Toyota Motor.

-- No. 8: Goldman Sachs.
-- No. 9: Wal-Mart.
-- No. 10 Coca-Cola.

The name that pops out, given recent news about the millions of vehicles it's had to recall, is Toyota. Fortune says that:

"Our surveys were completed in the fall and winter -- most were received after Toyota's October recall of floor mats, but well before the gas-pedal crisis escalated to epic proportions in January. At the time of the polling, Toyota reaped the benefits of its legendary reputation for quality leadership and from its continued growth as U.S. car companies suffered; in 2008, the company surpassed General Motors as the world's largest automaker."

Fortune and the Hay Group survey "more than 4,100 executives, directors, and securities analysts across industries" to come up with the list.