A Joyful Biden Drops An 'F-Bomb' Celebrating Health Care Bill's Signing : The Two-Way Joe Biden drops the f-bomb at the White House.

A Joyful Biden Drops An 'F-Bomb' Celebrating Health Care Bill's Signing

Leave it to Vice President Joe Biden to put the importance of the health care legislation his boss was about to sign into law into language that we can all understand:

"This is a big f-ing deal," he said to President Barack Obama this morning at the White House. (We've cleaned up his language a bit.)

The microphone at the podium caught the vice president's use of the f-word. It came right after he introduced the president at this morning's bill-signing ceremony.

Here's a "bleeped" version of the audio:

The "raw" version is widely available — and you can see and hear what happened at C-SPAN.org.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs is having some fun with it, tweeting that "and yes, Mr. Vice President, you're right ..."

(H/T to Political Junkie's Ken Rudin. Our thanks to NPR producer Joel Riddle for his help with the audio.)

Update at 2:23 p.m. ET. And here, courtesy of C-SPAN.org, is the moment captured on video. The f-bomb is barely audible in this version:

Update at 2:10 p.m. ET: The vice president's candid comment does not appear in the official White House transcript of the event (he was "off-mic", after all).

And, probably not surprisingly in this day-and-age, t-shirts are already on sale (H/T The Oval).

Update at 2:05 p.m. ET: Over at the Shots blog, Scott Hensley says Biden's now given us a new name for the health care overhaul.