Debate: Erykah Badu's Nude Video, Done At Site Of JFK Assassination : The Two-Way Erykah Badu new music video stirs controversy because she strips naked at Dallas' Dealey Plaza.

Debate: Erykah Badu's Nude Video, Done At Site Of JFK Assassination

We can't show you the video, but we can tell you about the controversy.

As the Dallas Morning News writes:

"Erykah Badu appears naked in her new music video, but what people are talking about is the background scenery.

"In the five-and-a-half-minute video -- which instantly went viral Monday on YouTube -- the Dallas-born entertainer strips down with Dealey Plaza as a backdrop."

Dealey Plaza is where then-president John F. Kennedy was shot on Nov. 22, 1963.

As the video ends, a gun shot is heard and a naked Badu falls to the ground.

Badu, a Dallas native, tells the Morning News that Dealey Plaza was chosen intentionally because the video -- for her song Window Seat -- is about "the character assassination one would go through after showing his or her self completely."

Some Dallas officials say she may have broken the law, and question her taste and judgment.

The video is here. Our standard, perhaps unnecessary "warning": It contains nudity.

If you've seen the video, or think you've read enough about it to have an informed opinion, we wonder:

Update at 9 a.m. ET, March 31: On All Things Considered yesterday, Dallas Observer writer Robert Wilonsky talked with host Michele Norris about the video and the controversy it has sparked.

Michele asked "at face, what was she trying to say?"

Wilonsky's response:

"That's a good question, in as much as that we sit here and try to examine an artist's intentions when in fact all we can really examine at the end of the day is our reaction to them. What was she trying to say? I think she was trying to say something about revealing herself, about bearing her soul, about the response and reactions that her music provides and provokes in all of us.

"But ultimately, whenever an artist does something this provocative, it simply reflects back upon us. The thing I like most about it is the fact that if nothing else for a few days, Dealey Plaza is no longer known as the place where John Kennedy was killed, but it's simply known as the place where Erykah Badu got naked."

Here's the as-broadcast version of their conversation:

Debate: Erykah Badu's Nude Video, Done At Site Of JFK Assassination

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