Health Care: The Final Chapter : The Two-Way The House heads for an historic vote on health care.
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Health Care: The Final Chapter

The day is finally here.

The day, that is, when we should finally find out if "a history-making health overhaul package" is or is not going to pass Congress.

We in the news media are certainly doing our part to underscore the drama.

The Washington Post, channeling its inner-tabloid, has this banner headline across its front page: "Health-Care Cliffhanger."

Fox News' website leads with "Sleepless In D.C.", because lawmakers have been working around-the-clock to corral House members' votes.

"The Old Gray Lady," otherwise known as The New York Times, says today's vote "Caps A Journey Back From The Brink" -- the Times and Politico both spin stories about how Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and other Democratic leaders forged ahead with their effort after the surprise victory of Republican Scott Brown in January's special election for Ted Kennedy's old Massachusetts seat.

So, the proverbial stage is set for a vote in the House, probably late today.

Obviously, there will be many ways to follow the action. NPR's newscasts and will be on top of things. We'll be updating The Two-Way when there's news to report.

Our colleagues at the NPR health blog, Shots, will be all over it.

The cable news networks will be breathlessly covering the story. And, C-SPAN will of course be broadcasting and streaming the House debate and voting.

The basic plan, as NPR's Julie Rover puts it, is for "three votes: one on the rules structuring debate, one on a package of changes to the Senate bill that House members want, and one on the Senate bill itself."

So, here we go.