Palin: 'Send The Maverick Back To The Senate!' : The Two-Way The 2008 Republican presidential/vice presidential ticket reunites in Arizona when former Alaska governor Sarah Palin campaigns on behalf (and with) of Sen. John McCain.

Palin: 'Send The Maverick Back To The Senate!'

Coming on stage to the tune of AC/DC's For Those About To Rock, We Salute You, the 2008 Republican presidential ticket just reunited in Pima, Ariz.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is there to campaign on behalf of the 2008 GOP presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain. He's seeking his fifth term in the Senate.

Palin just said that "I think this go around, when all the votes are tallied he's going to win this one."

"Send the maverick back to the United States Senate!" the '08 vice presidential nominee, doing a little mavericking of her own in a leather jacket, told a couple thousand supporters at a local fair grounds.

And she said that all those there today supporting McCain are "part of the Tea Party movement!"

Which led to a joke about the first "tea party" in Boston Harbor: "Some may claim that John was there!"

If you want to see the rally, and the event McCain and Palin will be at tomorrow in Mesa (noon ET), the McCain 2010 senate campaign is streaming it here.

Update at 4:05 p.m. ET: McCain just told the crowd that "a revolution" is underway in the nation "and it's a peaceful revolution" that will repeal the just-signed-into-law health care law.

And, McCain declared, "on Nov. 10" Republicans will "take control of the House and the Senate!" (Election Day is actually Nov. 2.)

Palin, by the way, hasn't yet used her Facebook page (a favorite spot, lately, for her to post her thoughts) to respond to critics such as Lisa Derrick at the liberal Firedoglake who say she shouldn't have used gun references when unveiling the 20 congressional races she wants supporters to "target."

NPR's Ted Robbins is covering the rally and will be on All Things Considered later today to talk about it. Click here to find an NPR station near you that broadcasts or streams the show. Later, the as-aired version of his report will be posted here.