'Shocking' Survey Result: Larger Breasts Mean Bigger Tips For Waitresses : The Two-Way Cornell professor says waitresses with larger breasts get bigger tips.

'Shocking' Survey Result: Larger Breasts Mean Bigger Tips For Waitresses

File this with the endless number of studies that would seem to confirm what everybody already knows:

"Larger Breasts Pay Off for Waitresses, Study by Hotel Professor Finds." (The Cornell Daily Sun)

"Prof. Michael Lynn, marketing and tourism, surveyed 374 waitresses about their perceived 'sexiness,' breast size and other physical characteristics and correlated these results with the amount of tips the waitresses received," the Daily Sun writes. And he found " that quality of service has less than a 2% effect on the actual tip. Instead, he found that waitresses with larger bra sizes received higher tips -- as did women with blonde hair and slender bodies."

Yes, a survey of 374 waitresses confirmed that many men are dogs at heart.

The Daily Sun story doesn't say whether the study quantifies just how much more some women get than others. We've left a message for Lynn to see if he has such an estimate. He tells the newspaper, by the way, that the survey is important because it "fills in some holes" concerning tipping behavior.

(H/T to Huffington Post.)