Don't Forget: It's Mother's Day : The Two-Way It's Mother's Day.

Don't Forget: It's Mother's Day

If you somehow missed all the ads for jewelry, flowers and edible arrangements in recent weeks, here's a late reminder:

It's Mother's Day!

Along with a phone call, a card, breakfast in bed or maybe just a pause to say thanks, here's something else you can do to honor mom -- learn a little bit about the history of Mother's Day. After all, it's not a creation of the greeting card industry. A real person, Anna Jarvis of Grafton, W.Va., pushed for a national day in honor of mothers. She not only succeeded in starting the tradition in 1908, but also got it recognized at a national holiday by then president Woodrow Wilson in 1914.

And if you need some tunes to set the right mood, our friends at NPR Music offer "Mother's Mix," four hours of motherhood-themed songs.

Happy Mother's Day. Feel free to share some thoughts about your mom in the comments thread.