News Media : The Two-Way Roger Simon survived a blood infection and comes back to tell readers -- with gallows humor -- what happened.

Must Read: 'Politico' Columnist Mocks Loss Of His Leg And Foot

You may cringe. You may squirm. You may admire his candor. But you'll almost surely have a reaction to political columnist Roger Simon's piece in today's Politico.

Simon tells readers why he's been away since last October: An infection led to blood poisoning and that led to the amputation of his right leg below the knee and most of his left foot.

If that's not startling enough, Simon injects so much self-deprecating gallows humor into the column that some readers may gasp. He does it in a Q&A format. Here's a sample:

Q: I have a gruesome and disgusting question.

A: Of course, you do. You are one of my readers.

Q: What do they actually do with amputated limbs? Bury them? Burn them? What?

A: They put them on eBay.

Q: No!

A: Actually, I don’t know what they do with them, but if I get a strange package in the mail, I’ll let you know.

Welcome back, Roger. We look forward to you applying that ascerbic style to the nation's politicos once again.