Blackhawks Feted By 2 Million In Chicago : The Two-Way Blackhawks Feted By 2 Million In Chicago
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Blackhawks Feted By 2 Million In Chicago


If victory has a thousand fathers, for the Stanley Cup-winning Chicago Blackhawks on Friday it was about two million fans.

At least that's what Chicago officials said.

Everyone knows Chicago is no wimpy city. Officials there still attempt to do crowd counts, unlike their less stout-hearted counterparts in Washington, D.C. In the nation's capital, officials stopped offering crowd counts after participants at Rev. Louis Farrakhan's 1995 Million Man March accused them of an undercount.

But Chicago says it was two million people along the Blackhawks' victory parade and that's good enough for us.

There was a obviously a lot of pent up feeling after nearly 50 years between Stanley Cup wins.

Even with all that excitement, news reports indicate the vast crowd was well behaved.

One of my favorite bits of the reportage comes from the Chicago Tribune. Winger Patrick Kane had a special message apparently for working people of a particular type:

Before he made way for (his teammate) Toews, Kane quipped: "For all the cab drivers out there, I love you." Kane was arrested last year for allegedly assaulting a taxi driver in Buffalo, N.Y.

A lot of cabbies are probably wishing today more of their customers could win Stanley Cups.