Will Obama Vacation In Gulf? White House Scribe Asks : The Two-Way Will Obama Vacation In Gulf?
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Will Obama Vacation In Gulf? White House Scribe Asks

Sometimes watching the interplay between White House reporters and press secretaries is a lot like watching tennis.

You watch the press secretary deliver a talking point like a routine ball stroked over the net.

Then the reporter sends back a question resembling a well hit drop shot that challenges the press secretary's foot speed.

That happened Tuesday when White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton served reporters the line that President Barack Obama continued to urge Americans to support the people in the Gulf Coast by visiting the region for vacation etc.

This led to the journalistic equivalent of a drop shot. Would the president be cancelling his plans to vacation in Martha's Vineyard and take the family to Pensacola instead?" a crafty reporter asked.

This allowed Burton to show off some deft footwork.

BURTON: “For starters, we haven’t locked in any summer plans for the president so I would just say I guess the premise of your question can’t even be answered.”

That was an impressive return shot by Burton.

But that drop shot will likely keep coming from reporters because, by asking other Americans to vacation in the Gulf, Obama obviously opens himself up to the question.

Of course, the White House would have the last laugh if it exacted revenge by forcing the press corps to accompany Obama on a steamy August vacation in Pensacola rather than the more comfortable Martha's Vineyard.