Amy Bishop Indicted For Brother's 1986 Death : The Two-Way Amy Bishop, biology professor and alleged killer of three university colleagues, was indicted for brother's 1986 death.
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Amy Bishop Indicted For Brother's 1986 Death

Amy Bishop, the University of Alabama biology professor who allegedly shot to death three colleagues in February, was indicted Wednesday for the 1986 death of her brother.

The shooting death of Seth Bishop, her then 18-year old brother, was officially ruled an accident at the time in Braintree, Mass.

But after the Alabama shootings, it emerged that some of the police who investigated the 1986 shooting were suspicious of Amy Bishop and her mother's assertion that she accidentally shot her brother in the chest.

She had fled from the house, pulled a gun on at least two strangers nearby and had to be ordered by the police to drop her weapon.

As David Boeri who's with NPR member station WBUR in Boston reported in April, the shooting death of Bishop's brother was reopened in an inquest. Wednesday's indictment is the result.