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Army Allegedly Parks Recruiting Mistakes In Care Units

There's a really interesting and important post on The Best Defense blog that's maintained by Tom Ricks, one of the most knowledgeable journalists around about the U.S. military.

The post by guest blogger Noel Koch, a former Obama Administration Pentagon personnel official, relays a problem I haven't seen reported elsewhere.

Koch reports that the Army, in order to make its recruiting goals, accepts individuals who are mentally unfit to serve in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Since combat commanders won't let these soldiers deploy with their units, the Army parks them in Warrior Transition Units created for a different purpose, to serve war-wounded soldiers.

The WTUs were, according to Koch:

...Intended to assist with the healing of combat-wounded service personnel. Yet the majority of the people in these units today are not combat-wounded. To the contrary,most have never left the country.

To understand how this happens, recall the stressed-out recruiting sergeants. To meet their quotas people who are physically unfit; mentally unfit; emotionally unstable; or, who have criminal histories and disciplinary problems are recruited. Commanders refuse to deploy with these people. So, commonly, they are put in the Warrior Transition Units, which is why these are called "warehouses" and "dumping grounds."

The entire post is well worth reading.

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