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Florida Marlins Game Could Sound Like World Cup

The U.S. is about to hit by another invasive species — the vuvuzela.

Most everyone has by now heard about these horns that have become for many the scourge of the World Cup in South Africa.

All that droning and buzzing has driven many fans in the stadiums and watching on TV to distraction.

But the Florida Marlins organization appears to like what it's heard.

The Associated Press reports:

The Marlins are giving away 15,000 air horns to fans at Saturday's game against the Tampa Bay Rays. The horns are smaller, but similar to a vuvuzela, the noisemaker that's all the rage at the World Cup.

This promotion has been in the works by Marlins officials for months, thinking it will be a hit in soccer-mad South Florida.

Not every other sports venue is so keen on the horn craze, with a fan being asked to leave a New York Yankees game this week for blaring a vuvuzela and Wimbledon even has issued reminders that the noisemakers won't be allowed for its tournament starting Monday.

Will the Marlins also be distributing earplugs? Also, did the Marlins' Saturday opponents, the Tampa Bay Rays, get a vuvuzela vote?