Kagan Hearings, Day 3 : The Two-Way Kagan returns for more Supreme court confirmation hearings; Attorney General Holder visits Afghanistan; Hurricane Alex slows oil skimming efforts; CNN's Larry King to leave - remembering Louis Rukeyser.
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Kagan Hearings, Day 3

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan returns for more questioning today from the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Yesterday, she answered questions and listened to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala) imply that she's lying about how she handled military recruiters on Harvard Law School's campus while she was dean.   Committee chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), hopes to complete the hearings today.  Lawmakers want time to pay respects to the late Senator Robert Byrd, who died this week.  Byrd's body will lie in repose in the Capitol on Thursday.


Attorney General Eric Holder is meeting Afghan officials in Kabul to discuss anti-corruption efforts and improving the country's legal system. Holder's trip comes as the Senate Armed Services Committee recommended Gen. David Petraeus assume command of the US military effort in that country.  The full Senate is expected to vote on his nomination by President Obama this week.


The National Hurricane Center predicts Hurricane Alex will crash into eastern Mexico and southern Texas, late tonight or early Thursday morning.  It's good news because Alex is actually speeding away from the oil spill off the coast of Louisiana.  But it's still churning up the water, and the US Coast Guard has instructed small boats helping with the cleanup effort to return to port for safety.


CNN's long-time chat host, Larry King, is hanging up his suspenders.  He says he's set a longevity record.  It made me think fondly of another broadcast marathon-man, the brilliant and erudite Louis Rukeyser, of Wall Street Week, once dubbed the Best Dressed Man in Finance. He passed away in 2006.