Christopher Hitchens Undergoing Treatment For Cancer : The Two-Way For many years, he was a chain smoker.

Christopher Hitchens Undergoing Treatment For Cancer

For the last few weeks, contrarian Christopher Hitchens had been crisscrossing the country, hawking his new memoir, Hitch-22.

(On June 5, he talked about the book on Weekend Edition. You can read a review of it here.)

Two days ago, Politico said Hitchens had "begun cancelling in-person events, from Raleigh to San Jose to Los Angeles to Seattle to Portland, regularly citing 'personal reasons.'"

A spokesman for Twelve, the imprint that publishes books by Hitchens, told reporter Patrick Gavin that "unfortunately travel is impossible right now for personal reasons, but obviously Christopher is eager to get back on the circuit and will be doing so soon."

This afternoon, Roxanne Roberts and Army Argetsinger, "The Reliable Source" columnists for The Washington Post, report that Hitchens, 61, is undergoing chemotherapy for esophageal cancer.