BP Resumes Testing Of Gulf Gusher Cap : The Two-Way After a government-requested delay, Obama's team told BP to test a new cap on its rogue Gulf well.
NPR logo BP Resumes Testing Of Gulf Gusher Cap

BP Resumes Testing Of Gulf Gusher Cap

Oil escapes from a cap placed on the broken wellhead at the former site of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig Tuesday, July 13, 2010. Anonymous/BP PLC hide caption

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Anonymous/BP PLC

The story earlier Wednesday was that BP had delayed a planned test of the new cap meant to contain the oil spewing from the broken Deepwater Horizon well to make sure the test was the best engineers and scientists could design to gauge the latest approach's potential success.

The delay came at the urging of the Obama Administration. Wednesday evening however, reporters were told that the administration had given the go-ahead for the testing and that it was underway.

If the test shows that the latest cap doesn't create additional pressures on the well that lead to oil and gas escaping from new openings, than BP has said it's possible the rogue well could be capped in a matter of days.