Obama On Capped Oil Gusher: 'A Positive Sign' : The Two-Way A reserved Obama greets news that BP capped the Gulf of Mexico oil gusher.
NPR logo Obama On Capped Oil Gusher: 'A Positive Sign'

Obama On Capped Oil Gusher: 'A Positive Sign'

If President Barack Obama was feeling effusive about anything Thursday, it was apparently about Congress' passage of financial regulatory overhaul legislation.

And of the news that BP had finally capped the gusher of oil into the Gulf of Mexico after three months of trying -- not so much.

Obama spent about 1,100 words more or less on the praising passage of the financial legislation and explaining why it would be transformative.

But, perhaps feeling burned once too often by BP's rosy scenarios in recent weeks, he had a scant 21 words of reaction to the news from the Gulf:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I think it is a positive sign. We're still in the testing phase. I'll have more to say about it tomorrow.

The president clearly wanted to make sure that the new cap continued to hold back the oil and gas before committing himself.