Utah: At Least 4 State Workers Linked To 'The List' : The Two-Way At least four Utah workers are linked to the list of supposed illegal immigrants, officials said.
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Utah: At Least 4 State Workers Linked To 'The List'

Utah officials said Friday that they identified two state workers who allegedly accessed the database that resulted in the infamous list containing names and personal information of 1,300 supposed illegal immigrants that was anonymously distributed to news outlets and law enforcement offices.

The Salt Lake Tribune, which has followed the story closely, reports that two workers in the state's Department of Workforce Services were placed on administrative leave and escorted from their workplace on Friday.

At least two additional workers are under suspicion, according to the SLT.

An excerpt from the SLT:

“These tactics by these rogue employees to go out and single out individuals and their families and, in some cases, falsely accusing people of an illegal status is deplorable and is counterproductive to the issue that ought to be the focus,” Gov. Gary Herbert said at a press conference.

Two employees were escorted from their state offices and have been put on administrative leave pending completion of the full investigation, said DWS executive director Kristen Cox. She said it is uncertain if their leave would be unpaid.

Cox said officials suspect “a couple more” employees may have been involved in compiling the list, potentially as many as four, and the findings of the investigation will be turned over to the Utah Attorney General’s Office.

“We feel very confident that we have identified the core group,” she said. “The people we’ve identified certainly have strong political opinions and have frustration around the issue of immigration. ... If they want to go rogue, they need to quit the department.”